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Wireless Internet Access

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EONI Wireless Internet service provides a reliable high-speed, or broadband, connection to the Internet and other EONI services.

Pricing and technical support for your broadband (wireless or dsl) connection to EONI apply to a computer system that meets minimum system requirements. Multi-computer or network setup and support, or any other issue that is not directly related to your EONI Internet access, is subject to additional charges.

Note that EONI Wireless is a fixed "point-to-point" (i.e., from EONI to your home or business) solution, not a "mobile" service. See how it works.


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EONI Technician installing wireless on a house


To Receive EONI Wireless Internet

EONI Wireless Internet is currently available in Cove, Elgin, Enterprise, Imbler, Island City, Joseph, La Grande, Lostine, North Powder, Summerville, Union or Wallowa.

(service may be subject to line-of-sight and distance limitations -- see Frequently Asked Questions)

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To receive EONI Wireless Internet, you may order online now. Customers may require equipment installed at their location to receive this service. Some or all of this equipment may be leased to the customer and remains property of EONI. Wireless services are available under a one (1) or two (2) year contract, or on a month-to-month basis. For complete terms and conditions, see provisions of the downloadable or viewable contract document.

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